Thursday, 17 June 2010

A blog for booklovers from Illinois

I risk to get boring here, but find that other people sites and blogs are of greater interest than anything that I may possibly have to say. So here is another very good blog for booklovers!!!

Non Solus, University of Illinois

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Blogs and Blogging and Thing 4 and ... time

Spent quite a bit of time reading other blogs in Cam 23 Things, rather enjoyed the exercise but ... time flew by so quickly and time is such a precious commodity and in such short a supply ... at least for me.

As with everything, as soon as I got involved, I would have liked things to work my way, and immediately with my iGoogle page I would have wanted icons the look different, which proved impossible (at least with my little knowledge of how to manipulate the web), and get RSS from websites I usually "visit" but had no RSS facility available, etc. etc.

However, I know from experience that feeling frustrated is part of the normal process of learning something new (a new sport, a new language, and - going back rather a long time - reading and writing ....). So I want to look at the bright side of things: since beginning Cam 23 Things I have already learnt about Things I was not aware of and how to create them (Things 1-4). By the time we have finished, I will have learnt many more ... looking forward to it (I said it before: getting repetitive here! Apologies!)

Turning personal, what I would really like to know more about is ... BOOKS !!!

... and how to become the perfect librarian !

Friday, 4 June 2010

Things 1 and 2


Here is my new iGoogle page, perhaps not as smart as I wished... but hopefully will get better as the time goes by and we learn the next Cambridge 19 things!!! Looking forward to it! Nuvola

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Clouds in the Library

Welcome to my blog in this gorgeous morning of early June!

After six month in the library, I am still learning my way around. Even the computer system is different from what I have been using before. I therefore signed up for Cam 23 in the hope to get the grip with what the wider world of computing can offer to us librarians and curators of bibliographical material and how we can use it to make our collections more visible and accessible to the public.

I mainly work with medieval manuscripts and incunables.
I catalogue them. A cataloguer at heart, I believe in cataloguing as a mean to increase public accessibility to the national historical collections of manuscripts and rare books. The recent advent of digitisation and the globalisation of internet access offer us a wonderful opportunity to combine cataloguing records with images, making these wonderful collections even more visible to the public at large.

I hope that Cam 23 will teach me even more creative ways to achieve this aim!